What are our client's saying?

"I have had two vehicles detailed by Flawless. My Charger had years of abuse from automatic car washes and Jon brought back the paint to a very reasonable condition before ceramic coating it. Shortly thereafter, I had my new Kia Sportage detailed and SPS graphene coating applied. I am more than pleased with how much cleaner the Kia remains. After a touchless wash, it has an amazing shine. After about one year, the SPS graphene coating is performing better than the ceramic coating on my Charger in regards to staying cleaner, being easier to clean and overall water shedding."
SPS Graphene Coating
Graphene Versus Ceramic

SPS Coatings was the first to develop a graphene coating that offers more than 50% reduction in water spotting potential and cleanliness when compared to traditional ceramic coatings.

The photo shown depicts a vehicle that had not been washed in four months. On the right side, a well known professional grade ceramic coating was applied. On the left, SPS Coatings Graphene was applied. You can see in the picture that the left side is considerably cleaner. A simple wash will make it look new again. Now, the right side has water spotting, which requires specials cleaners to remove, and sometimes a machine polish is needed to remove the water spotting, which also removes the ceramic coating. Your ride deserves a higher quality protectant, and SPS Coatings graphene is just that.

Graphene forms a bond for up to five years, when maintained properly. The depth graphene provides is perfect for getting lost in your vehicle's shimmer. Environmental damages are reduced greatly due to this coating's unique structure. Now is the time to treat your ride to the highest quality coating in the world.

What are the benefits to having a ceramic or graphene coating on your car?

  • Ease of cleaning. Spending less time to make your car look freshly detailed means more time for the important things in life.

  • Chemical resistance is a great to have especially with what is used in our wintery mix to keep our roads clear. The brine wreaks havoc on your vehicle's clear coat without any protection.

  • Resistance to damages from things such as hard water deposits, tree sap, and bug guts.

  • Protection for multiple years with minimal care. Realistic expectations for longevity of professional coatings are three to five years, when cared for properly.

  • Having a well kept vehicle will help when it is time to sell. A vehicle with faded clear coat will not sell nearly as well as a vehicle with glistening paint.

What is the process of having your vehicle ceramic or graphene coated?

  • The vehicle is washed thoroughly from top to bottom. This process takes anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes.


  • The vehicle is then washed with a clay towel to remove surface contaminants. This is followed by a chemical treatment to remove iron (red specks), mineral deposits, tar, and any wax or grease. This process takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes,


  • Machine polishing is done to ensure the car's paint is in great condition to have the ceramic or graphene coating installed.  This process is open ended and can take as little as two hours, and as long as, multiple days.


  • The vehicle is washed again and is cleaned of all polishes. This takes about 45 to 75 minutes.


  • The ceramic or graphene coating is then installed to all applicable areas of the vehicle. This can take anywhere from one to four hours.

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