Choosing the right detailer

Updated: Mar 2

Choosing a detailer is like choosing a doctor. You wouldn’t let just anyone without any education or training work on your body, so why would you let just anyone work on your second largest investment? Do your research. Ask for proof of licensing. Ask for proof of insurance. Flawless Cleaning and Detailing has no issue providing proof of licensing or insurance.

Original Licensing Filing

Updated Name Filing

Training and education is what makes a professional, not just knowing enough to clean a vehicle. There is a right way and a wrong way to properly detail. The difference between the two can cost thousands of dollars. Using the wrong chemical on seats can do permanent damage and they would need reupholstered which literally costs thousands of dollars. Improperly machine polishing your vehicle's paint can cause for it to be repainted. A quality paint job for a car is north of $6000.

Renee Doyle Detailing Success Training
Renny Doyle Detailing Success Training

Here at Flawless Cleaning and Detailing, we've been trained in the field of automotive detailing on more than one occassion. The bar for detailing excellence in northeast Ohio is rising. The difference is in the details!

Proven results. Check out recent work of the prospective detailer. Any reputable detailer will have social media and a website to do so.

Proper interior detailing and sanitation
Proper Interior Detailing and Sanitation

Your vehicle's interior has more bacteria than a toilet. It is very important to keep your interior as germ free as possible. Having your vehicle's interior professionally detailed regularly will not only keep you and your family healthy, but will also maintain its value better.

Detailing with steam helps kill microorganisms and bacteria. Flawless Cleaning and Detailing follows this with a chemical sanitation.

Paint measurements are a must

Ask to have your vehicle's paint measured. If this not an option, it is a red flag. When it comes to machine polishing your paint, it is extremely important to measure the paint to ensure it can safely be paint corrected. New vehicles have extremely thin paint. They can only be machine polished so much before the clear coat is gone and they need repainted. In some cases, most commonly with Teslas, some panels can't be machine polished aggressively because there simply isn't enough paint.

Proper Paint Correction

Again, research the work of the detailer whom will be going over your investment. I cannot stress this enough. If they have a lot of photos showing a side profile of the vehicle with no light hitting the panel, that's a red flag. Professionals will make sure to show a non-deceptive before and after of their work like shown above.

1998 Jeep Wrangler Ceramic Coating

In closing, the key to finding the right detailer is by researching. Spend a weekend checking out options. Set up an appointment to check out their shop. This gives you the opportunity to see their operation and they can see your car.

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