Ceramic Coating Process

Let's get some clarity about what goes into having your vehicle ceramic coated. I will walk you through the correct process of having your vehicle professionally ceramic coated.

1.) Full vehicle pre-soak to attack those bug guts and any other everyday contaminant.

2.) Engine compartment detailing.

3.) Tires, wheels and wheel wells are then scrubbed.

4.) Vehicle wash using our amazing two bucket technique.

5.) Chemical decontamination of the paintwork.

6.) Clay bar vehicle (ensures full decontamination)

7.) Vehicle wash and dry.

8.) Taping off to ensure no trim gets damaged during machine polishing.

9.) Polishing of vehicle's paintwork. (Typical coupe 2-4 hours per correction step)

10.) Heat cycling each panel to ensure the panel is corrected properly.

11.) Full vehicle wax and grease removal wash.

12.) Application process of ceramic coating. (This can take anywhere from 1-6 hours)

The average amount of time to complete a coupe from start to finish is roughly 8 hours with one step of machine polishing and one layer of ceramic protection. Our services include up to two steps of machine polishing, protection of the paint, wheel faces, and windshield on the vehicle's exterior, as well as, a full interior detailing.

The vehicle must stay dry for at least 24 hours for proper curing. We prefer to keep the vehicle if weather may be a factor during scheduled pick up. We wrap the vehicle in plastic so dust cannot sit on your vehicle's freshly detailed paintwork.

As for aftercare, a pH neutral soap will clean with ease. We suggest a two bucket washing method, even if you prefer foam washing your vehicle. We suggest having the vehicle inspected every year at which time we properly decontaminate the vehicle and inspect the vehicle to ensure the coating is working properly.

We hope this clarifies some questions you may have pertaining to this very in depth process. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Your International Detailing Association certified specialists


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