Ceramic Coating Myths


Ceramic coatings are bulletproof.

They protect against harmful UV rays, damages from bug guts, acid rain, tree sap, and rock chips.


Most ceramic coatings don't protect against any of those issues. In fact, they retain heat which is the opposite of what most claim. This means acid rain and the like dries much more quickly and can cause damage to your vehicle's clear coat. Most ceramic coating companies sell a water spot remover for a reason. Ceramic coatings are typically a micron thick. Nowhere near thick enough to stop a rock from penetrating the coating, let alone protecting your paintwork.


Having your vehicle ceramic coated is a one and done service.


Bi weekly washes and chemical decontaminations every 5,000 miles will keep your coating working as it should. Most require that you return to your detailer numerous times to ensure the product continues working as advertised. This includes having your coating topped off with a spray coating.


My ceramic coating has failed, it is not hydrophobic.


Ceramic coatings typically remain hydrophobic for two years. Most have a rated bond for many more years. The coating is there and working as it should. Being a sacrificial layer protecting your paint.


Ceramic coatings do not need topped.


Every ceramic coating brand has a maintenance coating. The purpose of this product is to keep the hydrophobics going from the initial service. Many companies hide this fact by having you return every 6 or 12 months for an inspection.


My ceramic coating warranty covers against damages to my clear coat.


Most ceramic coating companies have warranties that cover against oxidation and corrosion. There are only two companies that actually cover damages: SB3 and Owner's Pride.

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