What is paint correction? This is a term used by professional detail technicians that describes the correct process of bringing your vehicle's paint work back to like new condition. This is done by inspecting the paint work with proper lighting and depth gauge. Knowing the depth of the paint, we can properly machine polish to the best finish possible, without making your vehicle's clear coat too thin, which can cause premature clear coat failure. Your vehicle's clear coat can only be polished so many times, as each time it is machined polished, clear coat is removed. Paint correction can be as simple as a one step polish or as in depth as a multi step wet sanding of the paint work, followed by multiple steps of machine polishing. Paint correction is something that requires a fair amount of time to do properly. Here at FLAWLESS CLEANING AND DETAILING, we charge $75 hourly for paint correction services, after the initial prep charge prior. The polishing compounds and polishes in which are used contain no filling agents to hide scratches, swirls and other imperfections in your vehicle's clear coat. A full vehicle wax and grease removal is done after the following machine polishing step to ensure everything is flawless.