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Motorcycle Detailing

Whether you own a motorcycle as a mode of transport or you're simply an enthusiast, it is still an investment that requires regular maintenance. You want your investment to last as long as possible. In the event that you may want to sell your investment one day, you want to be able to get top dollar for that investment.


How Can You Protect Your Investment


Ensuring that your motorcycle stays in prime condition is to have it detailed often. 

Ideally, you should consider when and where you ride your bike. For example, if you often ride in dry conditions on well-maintained roads, then you may not need to have it detailed as often as when the weather conditions and road conditions are worse.

In good weather and road conditions, you should have your bike detailed at least two to three times a year. 

Flawless Cleaning and Detailing specializes in motorcycle detailing, and we are Geneva, Ohio's preferred motorcycle detailing shop. The associates at Flawless Cleaning and Detailing are your local International Detailing Association certified professionals, and our associates are fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about motorcycle detailing.


We also strive to exceed customer expectations through professional, timely, and detail-oriented service using the highest quality products on the market. 


Motorcycle Detailing Services Offered

Hand Wash


​A thorough multi-step wash using a two bucket wash system to remove dirt and debris from your motorcycle.




The motorcycle is decontaminated using a clay bar, iron, tar, wax and grease-removing chemicals to ensure the clear coat is as clean as it can be.

​Wheel and Tire Detailing


​The wheels of the bike are cleaned using dedicated cleaners. The wheels are pre-treated, scrubbed and rinsed with a pressure washer.


Paint Correction


​Paint correction is the removal of imperfections in the paint that can be caused by acid rain, water spotting, tree sap, improper washing and/or machine polishing. This is done using the least aggressive method so that the least amount of paint is removed. Many brand new motorcycles are in need of defect removal. This is not a quick process, as we work your investment's paint in small areas at a time. We need to see the motorcycle to give an estimate on services that include paint correction.


Motorcycle Protection Options

SPS Coatings Graphene Coating


This professional only graphene coating is similar to ceramic coatings, but performs better when it comes to keeping your motorcycle cleaner and resisting damages to your vehicle's paint due to the elements. This product has a rated bond for up to five years or sixty thousand miles. Click here to get a consultation scheduled.


​Paint Protection Film


​Also known as a clear bra, PPF protects your investment's paint better than anything else. Learn more about paint protection film here.

What is a graphene coating?

A graphene coating is a type of coating that is put on the exterior of a motorcycle. It is a reduced graphene oxide structure that is able to provide better surface protection of the motorcycle when compared to other types of coating.

The coating gives motorcycles a high gloss and sleek factor. One of the biggest benefits of this type of coating is that it lessens the probability of water spots on the surface of the motorcycle and thereby reduces the need for frequent detailing.

In addition, it offers anti-corrosion, flexibility, enhanced durability, and high abrasion resistance.