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Northeast Ohio's Protective Coating
Paint Correction Specialists!

Your investment will be thoroughly hand washed using only the highest of quality soaps, cleaners, and materials. The paint is then cleansed via our chemical and mechanical decontamination process to ensure a perfect surface for machine polishing. Machine polishing is the next step and one of the most important steps to a better than showroom finish. Our signature graphene coating is the icing on the cake and locks in years of protection against the elements.


Our signature graphene coating provides 50% better protection against the elements when compared to traditional ceramic coatings.

Protect your investment's paint and surfaces from harsh elements, while exponentially reducing scratches and maintenance.

Have a freshly detailed ride after a simple wash. No need to wax ever again.


SPS Coatings Graphene provides amazing protection.


SPS Coatings was the first to develop a graphene coating that offers improved performance and cleanliness when compared to traditional ceramic coatings.

Paint correction is the process of safely removing scratches, swirls, and other damages caused by the environment via machine polishing.


Polishing your vehicle's paint to like new condition is an important step in our process.

Why our signature graphene coating?


The right side, which is ceramic coated, is full of water deposits. In most cases, after a wash with pH neutral soap, a special chemical is needed to remove the water spotting. Then another chemical is needed to neutralize that chemical. That seems like a lot more work than necessary, doesn't it?

The left side, which is graphene coated, is considerably cleaner and has little-to-no water deposits. A wash with pH neutral soap will make it new again. No need for other chemicals. No need for extra time spent on making sure your ride is as it should be.


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