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The Flawless Experience

The flawless experience begins with an extensive 150+ point inspection of your vehicle. After the inspection is completed, measurements of your vehicle's paint are taken to ensure removal of imperfections via machine polishing. The process of removing imperfections is also known as paint correction and can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire week, depending on the condition of the paint and expectations of the service being completed.

Now that your vehicle has been inspected, it can receive the spa it deserves. That begins with a thorough two bucket hand wash to get the grime off. The process continues with a bug and tar removal, followed by an iron removal via professional grade chemicals. A thorough decontamination would not be complete without giving the paint a clay bar treatment to ensure your paint is as clean as it can be. Your vehicle is then given a full wax and grease removal wipe down to remove any protection that may remain prior to machine polishing. Your vehicle's wheels, wheel wells, and tires are scrubbed and cleaned with dedicated chemicals and proper tools. Now onto making that paint look great via machine polishing. Upon completion of paint correction, your vehicle recieves another two bucket hand wash, followed by a wax and grease removal wipe down. Lastly comes the icing on the cake, our signature graphene coating. The multi step application of this professional product really locks in your paint, while giving it great depth and gloss for years to come.

Your vehicle's engine compartment is detailed via steam and our signature waterless wash, and all plastics hydrated with a water based dressing.

The interior of your vehicle is thoroughly detailed via steam, to bring it back to like new condition. The process begins with using forced air in all nooks and crannies, followed by a vacuuming of the vehicle's carpet. Your vehicle's seats are then properly cleansed. If cloth, a pretreat with an eco friendly cleaner, scrub, and steam extraction is done. If leather, a dedicated leather cleaner is applied, seats scrubbed, and leather conditioner is applied. If alacantra, a light dabbing with microfiber towel with mild cleaner is used. Steam and more aggressive cleaning methods can damage the alacantra. Next, the plastics, cup holders, and door panels are steam cleaned, and hydrated with a water based dressing. The windows are then cleaned to a streak free finish. Lastly, the carpets are given a thorough pretreat, scrub, and steam extraction.

Steven's Experience

Steven had us give his Scat Pack a true spa service in July of 2020. The paint was in need of some serious love and we brought it back to like new condition. His Scat Pack received two steps of paint correction and SPS graphene coating  application on the exterior. Check out the video below to see what it looked like when we were done.

The following photos show little to no scratches from washing a year after we detailed the Challenger thanks to Steven following our proper care instructions. Not only do we take the time upon pick up to explain proper care, we send you home with a packet in case you want to have a quick refresher.

The video below shows what to expect when you properly care for your graphene coated ride after a year. The SPS graphene coating stays cleaner for longer than other forms of protection and sheds water really well.

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