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Does my new vehicle need detailed?

Quality control from the factory has diminished over the years and many finishes have blemishes such as sand marks and dirt nibs. Factory paint is becoming thinner and thinner, which means it can only be machine polished so many times. A quality paint job cost north of $5,000 for a coupe/sedan. Your vehicle's paint takes abuse while being transported from the factory to the dealership. New vehicle are transported via rail car or semi from the factory to the dealership. During transport, rail dust (reddish-orange specks)  accumulate on the vehicle, which effects the vehicle's finish. Your new vehicle's paint is susceptible to damages caused by various contaminants, such as hard water, tree sap, bird droppings, or rail dust can cause long term damage to the paint while your vehicle is sitting on the dealership lot. Most dealerships do not prepare your new vehicle properly.  They employ people with little to no experience that are not properly educated on the proper way to not only wash, but machine polish your new vehicle's exterior. Therefore, yes your new vehicle does need a professional detailing. Long term protection is the best option for protecting your vehicle's finish, whether it be paint protection film (clear bra), or our signature graphene coating. Keeping your vehicle looking new will help when it's time to sell.

The following picture shows clear coat damage caused by hard water on a 2022 Ford Maverick with 600 miles on it.


These Bronco Sport wheels had 200 miles on them when we had them in for service. This is a great example of how dealerships don't know how to properly prepare your new vehicle. They damaged them so badly, that they were dull in some places.


Now the Bronco Sport wheels look better than new and are protected for years to come. They'll be easier to clean and stay looking new.

Teslas are known for issues with their factory paint. The paint is typically very thin, and should be protected as soon as possible. This Model Y was protected with paint protection film and our signature coating.

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