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Phone: (440) 428-8012

Address: 5787 S Ridge Rd W, Geneva, OH, 44041

We will wash, machine polish, and apply our professional grade marine graphene coating for ultimate protection.

Any boat under 25' can be rejuvenated at our shop or we can travel to a heated storage facility.

Why graphene coat your marine craft?
  • Ease of cleaning. A simple wash and it's all clean!

  • No more scrubbing! We know, scrubbing for hours is never fun.

  • No need to wax. Use our detailer as you dry which saves a TON of time.

  • Added UV protection that will maintain your boat's gloss for longer.

  • Saves hours of time. Most boats take all day to get all clean, now a simple wash and it's done!

  • Have the glossiest boat at the marina!

"I had flawless go over my 98 Rampage Express. Jon kept me up-to-date with the progress, whether it be good or bad, which I absolutely loved. I live in the Pittsburgh area and never met them until after the job was done. They gave it shine I didn't know it could have again.  I was walked through how to care for it after they had spent five days making it new again. The first time I washed it, I was done in under a few hours inside and out. It used to take me two full days to scrub it out! I definitely got what I paid for, and it was well worth the money spent."

- Jake

"Flawless made my two year old boat shine better than new, while removing damages caused from the previous company who detailed it. The shine is great, it's easier to clean, and he is very up front about what to actually expect. I would recommend flawless every day of the week and twice on Sunday!"

- Frank


We've implemented the same system for protecting your marine craft for years and have had nothing but amazing results. 

Honest. Experienced. Trained. Certified.

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Phone: (440) 428-8012

Address: 5787 S Ridge Rd W, Geneva, OH, 44041

Hours: M-F 9AM-7PM, Sat 9AM-2PM

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