Have the Cleanest Ride on the Block

Professionally Applied Multi-Year Graphene Protection

Never Wax Again

SPS Coatings graphene coating lasts for years, so there is no need to wax, which saves you time.

Easier to Clean

Wash and dry your vehicle and have that freshly detailed look for years to come. No more spending hours getting your ride in tip-top shape.

Protection Against the Elements

SPS Coatings graphene coating provides 50% better protection against damages to your paint such etching caused from water spotting, bug guts, acid rain, and bird droppings than traditional ceramic coatings.

  • 20+ Years of Experience

  • Professionally Trained

  • Certified Professionals

  • 130+ Car Show Awards

  • 35+ Best in Show Awards

  • 6+ Years Coating Experience

Not all coatings are the same. Case in point is this head to head comparison. SPS Coatings reduces water spotting potential by 50% when compared to traditional ceramic coatings. This picture is after four months of not being washed. SPS graphene coating, which is on the left, is not only cleaner, but a simple pH neutral wash will bring it to new condition. The right side would need washed, water spot remover cleanse, and washed again to make it new again. Isn't the point of having your vehicle coated to make life easier, not harder? Real world results matter the most when it comes to choosing surface protection.